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I am also looking to add nitrous to my 4.3 Sonoma. Anyone know of any good kits? I know NoS makes some nice kits of course, but i have heard of computer controlled kits that run nitrous at a safe level automatically. I believe its called the Venom kit? Any help would be appreciated. The 4.3 kicks butt in low end torque, but once you hit 60 its guts are slightly lacking. I want that extra punch.

Also, the back end is very light, so will a 50 shot of nitrous send the back end loose in 3rd gear? I have an automatic tranny. And this is my first time looking into NoS. Im rather new when it comes to this subject, and i am a college student so money isn't flowing out of my ... you get the point. Can someone inform me well on these matters?:D:confused:

I am a college student in Reno, cold weather lands. It will snow here and be pretty cold. I don't have indoor parking, it will be in a covered parking area, but it is exposed to weather still. Will a cold NoS tank explode? I don't know. Help me out.

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Well i was thinking more along the lines of runnnig two 100 shots of NOS...dont tell me im stuck at the limit of 50?
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