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**Northwest Sale Thread**

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You know the drill, one posting only, let me know when it sells, etc etc.
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Blazer Rear with 4.11's, for that matter, a Dime rear with 4.11's, Blazer preferred

Z85 spings, and or aftermarket leveling springs

PM me, or I am listed in the NW directory, text me for best response. I can pay cash or possibly trade things, but I don't have a ton of cool stuff, hell I don't even own a video game system from this century...so let me know!
2wd or 4wd? I have a 2wd Blazer disc rear, but it has 3.42s. :(
Damn it! Thanks for the offer on the rear, I may still take you up on that rear, but I need the drum brake rear, the discs don't fit with my backspacing from what I am told, I have 3.75" back spacing.

And Moon, thanks for the info, I was thinking the ZR2's might, but then again the R2's rear is to wide for what I need
One of the guys in my club will be selling off his truck drum rear. Want me to ask him what gearing it has? It's 2wd also.
Please sir! I want 4.11's bad! I just need them temporarily, then I can change the gears in what I have or get a different rear entirely, which is ideal,
I also just remembered we have another axle from, I think was a 4cyl truck, ext cab for sure. So it has a chance of being 4.10s. I'll try to check it this weekend.
I'm just kidding, he's not that far North. Everette I think.
I'm in Everett, but all the car parts are in Poulsbo.
Well, the one axle I thought we had is gone, the one in his truck has 3.08s, but we have another S-10 with the 4.10s. But they don't have room to pull it right now. I'm not sure how long until he can get to it.
I'd take that one, what year is it? And how much? I can wait, it's not super urgent, the truck is running right now so what's the rush lol
I believe it's a '96 or '97. It's in that '94-'97 range for sure. I'll let you know $ when I find out.
$600? Damn. So glad my truck already has them.
That looks like it's in pretty nice shape. Hopefully someone buys it before it gets scrapped or something.
Find out a price next time you are there, I'd be interested. I want one for the GMC bad lol And I still need:

4.11 geared rear....
If you're still looking Yank A Part in Poulsbo has one S-10 right now with a 4.10 rear. It's $200 for full axle assemblies there.
I have 8 new 1/2" aim valves for $180.
And a new 5 gal tank for $30.

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thanks for the post but it has to be 98-up. There are differences in cam and crank that wont work with the ecu.
Sorry....your last post says 90-up, not 98-up.
Hey Jason. I have an A/C compressor from a 97, it's practically new. Brandon had his replaced, then took his truck off the road shortly after, and starting doing a 350 swap. $50?
I'll buy it, it is the one off the newer trucks? You got a pic?
I'll get a picture for you tomorrow.

I'm interested in the Envoy bumper w/ fogs. Do you know if it's possible to run that bumper and cover with the S10 grill/lights? Or does everything need to be swapped? I don't remember. lol
Driverside door panel? Mine's broken in the usual spot. lol
Envoy bumper cover/fogs and Jimmy headlights $200

90 degree bellhousing K case 4L60E, probably best used as a core $100

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Hey Moon, I'll take the dash bezel. I got one off ebay that was supposed to be perfect, but it turned out the airbag switch mount was broken and there was an airbag switch glued in. :( So I need a good one. And do you still want this bumper cover?
You should have grabbed the ones you sold me while you were down here. lol
They got bought out, the prices aren't so bad now. Funny there is a yank it yard in Poulsbo with better prices still, but yeah I agree. Mind you I know most of them also, and their kids, and and, so they never do me to bad.
The yard in Poulsbo is being run by different people now, and prices are kinda iffy. The guy behind the counter kinda makes up prices on the spot. Sometimes good, sometimes bad....
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