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nopi nats

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is ne one heading for SE mini truck and compact show
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if ur talking bout the one in sep.. im fo sho going :)
you talkin about the one i pigeon forge june 28-30?
i am talking bout the ones in June in TENNESSEE
i may be there. don't quite no yet. depends on how much $$$ i have and if i'm bagged yet.
We'll be there for sure sportin EC logos and rollin' low. So far, many members will be down AT LEAST to cruise both nights. Hopefully I'll get some more stuff done to the truck AND get some bills caught up just so MAYBE I can enter lol

my car club will be there and i applied to esteen and never got a reply why didnt i no ive got alot better than some in there..........:booty: :chevy:
i'm gonna be there but not showin. not this year at least but i'll probably be showin at the nopi nats in sept. in ga.
By chance when did you apply with us bro? Because I don't remember this. I'm usually real good about replying to emails and I'm just curious.. Anyways, maybe we'll run into you guys at the nats...

it was bout 6mts ago....emailed ya on the site..
well hmm, I honestly don't remember that at all man. I at least send a response email explaining some things about us etc. Who knows though, maybe I didn't get it since AOL tends to be shady sometimes and not deliver some emails. Anyways, sorry about that, and good luck with your club. Maybe we'll run into ya at the Nats.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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