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'm driving a 2000 S-10 V6 4.3 Vortec. 15" wheels... one of those standard cab long bed utility S-10's. It looks amazingly plain, but is bad ass to drive. I'm looking to get a set of wheels/ tires. First question is... is there a recommended process I should follow... as in should I do anything before getting wheels/ tires put on ?? It looks like I'm going to have to lower my truck to make it look like what I'm going for. The tires I seem to like so far are: Boyd Timeless 5 18"... I want them somewhat wide also.

Are there any wheels and rims you guys would recommend ?? If you make a suggestion... could you please throw in a estimated price range with the sugg. also... thanks in advance. Also... are there any recommended websites with pics of rims on S-10's ??

Like I said... I'm going to be dropping the truck... BUT I'm thinking of putting a body kit on. I like the Extreme look. Is this possible ?? Are there any sites you could recommend where I could look into kits for my style of S-10. Standard Cab, Long Bed. This being the case... would it be smart to wait til I get atleast the dimensions of the truck after whatever kit I chose, or should I wait til I get the kit put on before I look into dropping it ? I'm also looking into:

-exhaust (Ravin Z-series)

Does it matter which I do first ?

Any suggestions/ recommendations will ALWAYS be appreciated.

I'm also wondering if there are any pictures of modified versions of my style of S-10. I cant seem to find any. I have yet to see someone driving around with one of those trucks fixed up.

I'm glad to see this forum around... I dont know much about trucks yet... and I wasnt looking forward to going into this without any knowledge.
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