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I usually post on the 1st gen forum but I'm hoping for more views and suggestions here. This issue is driving me nuts and costing more way to much.

My 1993 S10 pick-up (4.3L "Z", 2WD, Auto, 241k) starts great MOST of the time. But some days it'll suck the battery down to nothing and use up some of the recharge before it starts. I'd say about 97% of the time it starts right up and once it starts it runs great and starts right up for the rest of the day. It doesn't seem to be related to the rainey weather but it's not. I thought it might be related to sitting and not driven for days on end but I spent a week in the hospital last Oct and it started right up when I got home. I'm retired and don't drive much but this is my main means of transport and I need it for Dr. appointments and such. I need reliable transportation.

This has been going on for over a year. My mechanic has looked at it and made suggestions but until I can get it to him when it is having the problem he admits that he's just "fishing". The trouble is, it always starts. It might take 10 to 45 minutes but the thing always starts.

Here are a list of things I done or replaced already:

12/17 Distributor Assy replaced
3/19 Mass Air Flow sensor
9/21 Dist cap and rotor / plugs and wires / Air filter
1/22 Antifreeze change / power steering fluid change and pump replaced / New Radiator
4/22 Oil pressure sending unit
5/22 Idle control valve
5/22 Throttle position sensor
10/22 Fuel pressure regulator
10/22 Idle control valve (again)
11/22 Coolant Temp Sensor
2/23. Distributor cap and rotor
3/23. Ignition control module

I left off things like the Starter motor, Compressor, Brake cylinders, Radiator, ETC.... as being irrelevant to the problem but this truck is getting expensive.

Note 1) On days that it's difficult to start it smokes until it warms up. On normal days, not much. It's a light grey smoke

Note 2) The mechanic checked the fuel pump and said that's not the problem. And I can see the injectors spitting fuel even when it's not starting.

Note 2.5) The last time it had trouble starting I tried using starter fluid and it had absolutely Zero effect. So I don't believe its a fuel issue.

Note 3) At all other time this truck feel great and runs great but it is currently getting about 11 MPG. Between the two of us were 100 years old so you can be assured that I'm not driving fast or hard.

Guy's, I have Stage 4 cancer, a colostomy, new hips, arthritis everywhere, and now neuropathy is setting in along with carpal tunnel syndrome. I make some Carbon Fiber Pistol Grips and Exotic hide holsters in my basement to afford medicine and medical supplies and these truck expenses are killing me. And doing most of the work myself isn't making my life any better either.

I'm at a complete loss as to what to do about this problem so any suggestions will be most appreciated.

My Best Regards to All Forum Members.
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Thanks OLDEERSLAYER. I like the idea of getting a dumb neighborhood kid to hold it. I hate messing with electricity. It always bites me.

The injectors seem to be fine. When someone else is turning the key I can see them pulse just like they should. I have not checked for spark just because it runs so well. The non starting issue might not happen for 2 - 3 weeks or more but once it starts it runs great so I didn't think to check that.

Other things I forgot to mention:

A) The truck has been showing a code #35 for over a year. I've replaced the IAC valve 2x and it's still throwing that code. I unplugged it yesterday and the RPM's increase. Plug it back in and the RPM's return to normal. At least I think they're normal. They still seem a little higher than usual but I don't have a Tach anymore so I'm not sure.

B) The "Service Engine Soon" light comes on when I'm sitting at a stop light. It goes off as soon as I accelerate. It only does this when the engine is warmed up and has been doing this for a couple of years. I've done, or had done, all the services I can think of so I've ignored it.

I've heard that the IAC can cause this "Service" light as well as the non-starting issue but I have trouble believing that the original IAC along with two new ones are having the same problems.

Thanks again,

PS. I just went out to check something and it started right up this morning. So I'm good for another day.
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