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No Start Issue

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Looking for some advice.
Inherited a 2000 Sonoma 2.2Flex Fuel from my grandfather.

Last time it started was 10 years ago. Since getting the vehicle and in my attempts to get it running I have replaced the Battery, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, dumped the old gas from the tank, put good new fuel in, replaced the injectors, air filter, and changed the oil (thankfully it wasn’t sludge) and filter..

It will crank and almost turn over with a hit of brake clean or starter fluid, but won’t start. Where should I look next??
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Can't speak to a 2.2 but the fuel pressure check seems like a good place to start. My S10 at least once a year or so will run fine when parked and then just turn over the next morning, never firing. A new cap and rotor fixes it but it's a guarantee that about that same time next year or so the same thing is going to happen. The corrosion that builds up on the underside of the aluminum contacts on the cap looks like frost.
I know that 4.3's need an absolute minimum psi to start and if it isn't there it won't start. I was told there's a poppet valve in the system and if the computer doesn't sense it opening it will cut spark. So I've been told. Maybe your FI setup is similar.

Edit... The last time I had a no start on my S10 it was -30F. I've since got smart and added a lower radiator hose heater. Problem was even when it got up to 0 degrees it still wouldn't fire, even with ether/starting fluid and a different cap. Figured that if I held the accelerator to the floor it would fire and it did. Have you tried holding the gas pedal to the floor while cranking?
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