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Hi there. I'm Dave, from Edmonton, Ab. I'm new to this site but have already posted a few pics and such. I have an '89 S-15 4x4 that has been well used and sometimes abused. It is like several vehicles in one - off-roader, grocery hauler, midnight racer(against 305 cars and other s trucks), an entertainment centre, tow truck and daily driver. I've managed to outclimb my friends fullsize with 38's, had it up over 100 Mph on the highway, pulled a tractor truck in 4lo, and did four wheel donuts on a frozen pond! I climbed up one hill that was so steep the light came on under the hood!
I know, I'm bragging about my stock truck, but it does everything I need a vehicle to do. The long wheelbase is a big disadvantage in the rough, but I hope to do some kind of lift this summer and get some bigger boots too.
Right now I'm preparing to rebuild the engine and tranny. By the end of April I hope to have it all done with an edelbrock intake & cam, headers or dual exhaust, vortec heads, oversize pistons, upgraded ignition and a performance shift kit. A friend of mine has good connections when it comes to chevy parts, so he'll be helping me out in that department. He also has a newer posi unit that I may use because mine is starting to wear out.
The truck has over 230k miles on it, so I can't complain about changing or repairing driveline parts. It has over a grand worth of new parts on it since last summer, including a starter, alt, batt, brakes, upper ball joints, tires, injectors, timing chain, tcc solenoid, etc. I painted it metallic blue last summer as well. The cab is almost rust-free, but the box is starting to show its age. It spent three years in northern Ontario, where the road salt eats up cars like a tapeworm on steroids!
A couple of questions for other 4x4 owners: Have you ever run into a problem with the upper ball joints coming loose in the spindles? I had to replace them on both sides because of this. There is also a light "clunk" coming from the rear brakes when slowing down; it happens around 10 mph, just before coming to a stop. One other anomaly is a vibration in the rear end. It cycles every three seconds or so in o/d, and much faster in drive. Seeing as how it changes with engine rpm, I'm assuming it must be in the trans and not the driveshaft or rear axle.
I have an interest in just about anything with wheels or an engine. Other hobbies have included r/c cars and planes, bmx bikes, motorbikes and quads, custom buggies and chevette performance. Another project I hope to have going this summer is a '66 Buick Riviera. It has a 425 nailhead, which is supposedly good for 465 ft. lbs. of torque! The body is in great shape considering the car is 36 years old, but the engine needs a rebuild. It's full of unusual things; a switch-pitch tranny, which has two stall speeds, retractable headlights, power windows and seats, opposed wipers, contoured bumpers and a posi rear axle. It doesn't need too much work to make it driveable again, but the damn thing's heavy! Two and a half tonnes, which makes it hard to jack up for repair, and even harder to push.
That's enough about me and my GM stable. Any info or suggestions you may have will be more than welcome. I'm starting to think that G.M. stands for "General Mix-n-match!"


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