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NJ Meet this Saturday - 1/11

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1001 U.S. HWY 9 (northbound side)
Tel (732) 727-8200

The restaraunt is actually a bit more north on the highway than a mapquest map would show. Its next to the Honda dealership, across from the Home Depot, just north of the Route 34 junction.

Meeting time is 6 pm on Saturday the 11th.

We are going to discuss ideas about starting a new NJ S-series organization, so if you are interested, you should come to hear the info. If you couldnt really give a f, then come anyway to hang out with your peers!

If you are coming from the south on the parkway, contact TJ at [email protected]. You can meet him at the Cheesequake rest stop right before the bridge, then go to Fridays together.

Contact me (Dave) at [email protected] or 732-619-5293 if ya get lost or anything. Thanks!
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ScrapinSoLow said:
PurpleHazeS10 u should def come out and play with us one night wehn we all get together.... a girl in the groupe woulndt be to bad!
Yah she does...

What kinda truck do u have...:jester:
AVTekk said:
Hey now, we had 3 girls there last time ;)
rich, eric, and stylez? :drinkhaha
Oh... is stylez the one with the pontiac at the meet that night? I wanted to see what he had to say about almost hitting that truck in front of him.... did he lose it, or maybe think that the truck was gonna pull out of the way in time??

purplehaze...... nice to see ya on here! Always cool to meet some girls who are into the s10's, or trucks for that matter.
I would love to come to a meet. I have a 94 Chevy S-10 with a 4.4 drop, Purple with flames. Its my baby I dono how to put pictures on here but I have aol and I would send a pic if asked. I want to put air bags in it, Have to get prices though.

GMX xpress_ thankx for stopping me and telling me about this... if anyone wants a pic [email protected]
no prob
i emailed for some pics but no response yet..Johns hows her truck look?
the truck looks sweet ....... sorrry i havent been on the forum for 2 days ...i got food posion and i had to go to the hospitol late thursday nite....i got out early this morning......
dude that sucks... feeling better i guess!?
thanks alot guys ....i feel much beeter than thursday nite when i threw up a total of 18 times in 6 hrs ....but its all good now ....by tom. ill feell like normal....thanks agian
sweet.... back on the streets and burning up tires! Glad to hear your feeling better.

So what did ya eat that messed ya up?
wow....i wish i had a gurl wit a mini....how old r u anyway amber
srry im retarded i shoulda just checked ur info.....lol
Pic of Ambers truck:


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wow, nice truck amber i like that hood !
nice...wut kind of rims r those...r they stock LS ones...im lookin for a pair

Thats a sweet S-10...

Dame John wered u eat...So i know to stay away...
Thankx yeah there stock rims there old Im looking to get new ones. Chrome it up a lil... S10 Rob im 19
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