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NJ Meet this Saturday - 1/11

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1001 U.S. HWY 9 (northbound side)
Tel (732) 727-8200

The restaraunt is actually a bit more north on the highway than a mapquest map would show. Its next to the Honda dealership, across from the Home Depot, just north of the Route 34 junction.

Meeting time is 6 pm on Saturday the 11th.

We are going to discuss ideas about starting a new NJ S-series organization, so if you are interested, you should come to hear the info. If you couldnt really give a f, then come anyway to hang out with your peers!

If you are coming from the south on the parkway, contact TJ at [email protected]. You can meet him at the Cheesequake rest stop right before the bridge, then go to Fridays together.

Contact me (Dave) at [email protected] or 732-619-5293 if ya get lost or anything. Thanks!
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Updated 1/9

heres a list of the people goin so far:

AVTekk - Dave
gmc-xpress - John
92S10LB - Tony
ScrapinSoLow - TJ
BlackS10SS - Ken
Xtrm21 - ??
s10r0b - Rob
EX250 - John
DigiBlaze - Ed
01Xon18s - Mike
quamen - Rich
whitebowtie9 - Eric
liftedbronco - Kevin
Kevins friend with a 01 Blazer - Mike
Kevins friend with a wrecked Ty - Mike
alowerlevel - Tonys bro
y2kblkxtreme - Rich
Stylez-z28 - Brandon
Richs friend with a Sonoma - Dave
Mikes friend with a X - ??

Possibly going (uncomfirmed):

orangesonoma - Brian
slammed97s10 - Matt
lowblk02s10 - Matt
joebird1515 - ???
smaug - Eric
PEKO - ???
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LOL sorry about the new thread..the last one got ate by the forum..hey man, its late :\
I think Im going too
AVTekk said:

Possibly going (uncomfirmed):
smaug - Eric
im 99% sure Eric is going back to school that day, so he's most likely out. Since he's been on the "possible" list for a week now, why don't you F'in ask him?
stfu, i did ask him last week, and hes going back to school on the 12th..he says he might be packing on sat so he doesnt know, therefore hes on the possible list..

tonys bro! ill add ya to the list ;)
slammed97s10 name is matt...and he will let me know if hes goin..or he'll tell u........yo i just hope its warm like it is today
am i aloud to go? i gotta talk Blk's dad into lettin him drive his truck to it, but dave may come (he has a slownoma). And a Ta =) if its kool
ok thanks rob..

stylez you can come if ya want..is rich comin as well, even tho his parents own him and his truck is busted to sh!t?
nah.. the rear is whining, but hell i drove on mine for 1000 miles. So i don't think its that bad. It would be me, my g/f, evan, rich and maybe Dave

Rich = 2000 Xtreme
Dave = 90 something Slownoma
Me = Ta of course.

thats the rides
should be a nice turn out on sat nite.....i said this before and ill say it agian...ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FCKEN COLD OUT ... so dont pssy out and say "im goin, im cold" ... dress really focken warm....im gonna take individual pics of everybodys trucks .... and pics of me and whom ever else wants to do brunouts on film....peace out
where u gonna do the burnouts? and Avtekk can i get directions to this place? ur mapquest link doesn't work.
dont worry about the burnout places ...my dads a cop and ill be a cop soon so i know where to go and where not to go .....
I would like to come but I gotta work.:censor:
Let me know how it turns out
no burnouts for me..u-joints are dead as well as the lsd..

owned by the one wheel peel :\
thant sucks dave...haven all that power and only one wheel....lol....just fcken around dave..peace
cant race all season on stock parts and expect them to hold up
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