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I know this is a re-post thread in this section. I have seen couple of posts in the other sections of the forum where people still think that Newmatics is closed.

We are open again for business and the reson behind temporary shut down was , I was out of states for two weeks and did not want to hold anyone's money or orders for that time period so that is why i decided to shut down website for a breif time period. We also shut down e bay store for same reason and its also open again.

Newmatics website was opened again for business on 10th of Nov and now we are accepting all orders on regular basis and shipping them out same day or within 24 hours.

We believe in customer staisfation that is why a temporary shut down was a better decision then pissing customers off and have them wait two weeks.

There will be some great discounts and deals in the next coming weeks so please see Newmatics's forum section regularly. Also the S10forum discount code will be fixed today so that it won't be a one time deal only. You can use this on every single order you place till 12/31/2010.

Thanks for support
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