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hello everyone. Im a long time chevy nut and have 25 yrs wrenching experience. Own about 5 S10s and I am going to do my first s series truck coversion to v8. Have a 83 4x4 with a blown 2.8 ( junk when new ) motor with a manual trans. Going to put a mild 350 in it with 350 automatic with the v8 transfercase. I have all brackets and pulleys for motor and anything else like manifolds and starters and such I have lots of. What I want to know is does anyone out there have the motor mounts and exhaust for the conversion? Also I supose I will need some kind of new crossmember for trans too. Any used parts would keep cost down. I have lots of 83 to 87 parts, 2.5 and 2.8 motors ( in pieces ) With 1 2.8 runner ( good shape, I dont know why ) also 2 700r4 2wd trans too. Maybe someone could trade stuff. Also lots of mouse moter everything as i been collecting them for 20 yrs. See yah.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts