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Newbie V8 Swap

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I'm new to this forum and new to putting a V8 into an S10. I have a 1992 S10 2wd single cab short bed with 4.3V6 and 700r4. I am swapping to a 1st gen V8 (350). I have a few questions. The answers may be here but I don't know where to look. I've built many hot rods over the years but never an S10.

1. I want to run a stock/OEM type oil pan. What vehicle should I look for a replacement oil pan that would fit well in my S10?

2. I want to run the OEM column shifting linkage (no floor shifter). I am fine with steering column having to route through the header. What headers will work with this?

3. Do I need to replace the factory perches/mounts or will the stock 4.3 motor mounts work on the 350?

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or here

BTW which 1st gen V8 ? 262, 265, 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, or 400? Year? Intended fuel and ignition system:?
Built or stock?
In a 1992 a 350 TBI is as easy as a swap can get. Keep your fuel system, trans, radiator, computer, all front accessories etc. Swap a 1992 350 chip into your ECM get some pipes, mounts, and fans is about all there is to do.
BTW 4.3 mounts wont's work. You'll need 2.8 mounts and adapters. Any 2wd s10 V8 swap headers will work. Then just build a simple DIY dual exhaust system.
I agree. Except in 4wd applications, swaps prior to the LS engines never had oil pan issues unless someone tried using a non stock one. Whatever came on your crate motor should be fine.
Doubt it. Mainly because of 20 year difference in age between a 70's engine and a 90's S10. In 86 GM redesigned the crankshaft, rear seal, pan and front covers.
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