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New ZQ8/Xtreme Rear Sway Bar Brackets - $145

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I've started making new Rear Sway Bar Brackets for the trucks - S10, S15, Sonoma, Hombre. These are designed using General Motors original specifications for the ZQ8 Xtreme handling suspension package and are a direct bolt on for many 96+ trucks. Older trucks do not have the factory holes in the frame to mount these, but the holes can be easily drilled.

Original GM brackets are discontinued and hard to find used. Brackets are made in USA from A1008 Cold Roll Steel and powder coated black before installing the hardware. Included are 2 spacers to better align the end links to the sway bar. Check out the images near the bottom to show how they are installed with the factory end link bolts.

Brackets are a near exact replica of the factory parts and require no special hardware to install. Kit is compatible with the easy to find 4 Door Blazer Rear Sway Bar and factory hardware.

Price is $145 with free shipping

Each kit purchased includes the following:
  • Left Sway Bar Bracket w/PEM Nuts
  • Right Sway Bar Bracket w/PEM Nuts
  • 6 Mounting Bolts
  • 2 Washer Spacers
The following will be needed to complete the sway bar installation.
  • Rear Sway Bar from a 4 Door Blazer
  • Axle Sway Bar Mounting Brackets, U Bolts, and Bushings.
  • 2 Upper & 2 Lower End Link Bolts from a 4 Door Blazer
  • 2 ZQ8/Xtreme Sway Bar End Links - Moog K70003 or similar

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Have you had any luck with those radio delete plugs for the doors/cab?
No. The part number I found indicating the door harness plugs turned out to be the smaller generic door plugs for accessing the exterior handle bolts or similar. :cautious: I might have one more option for looking up a part number, but not sure if that will have better results.
I have 2 of these on hand: 15965867 - Genuine GM PLUG, Side Door Opening

I believe that's the correct number.
That looks like it's the right part in the images I can find. Do you have a picture of the actual part? I have a friend looking up some details on what might be a superseded part number of that.
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