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New Wiring Harness

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Does anyone know where I can get a NEW engine wiring harness? Mine is cooked (brittle and all the insulation falls off) and I'm guessing most Junk Yard Harness will be the same.

Ive done a Google search and come up with every other harness but a 4.3/automatic engine/trans harness.


I don't feel like remaking mine....

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I would think that one of the custom harness guys would be able to build one, they should have bins with the connectors and the tools, and diagrams, and maybe the experience from building similar for engine swaps. You'd just have to provide lots of money.
That's why I quit Impala's. Being upside down or under water is not sustainable. For me anyway.

I've owned 24 S10's, not one needed a harness, must be a lot of good ones in junk yards.
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