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so I got an 85' S-10 wiht a 305 v8..I got the truck today and this is what I noticed..

The truck needs the headers, carburator, fan (for radiator), plugs, wires, B&M shifter to trans cable, alternator.

Now to the bad part.. the truck has a 4 link suspension in the front and the truck has been setup for hydrolics so there are the strut shaftsthat have been welded in. The front and rear strut towers have been cut, the bed has a big chunk missing from tower to tower, there are no hydros or air bags hooked up, and there are blocks of wood wedged between the bed and the suspension in the back no shocks or springs anywhere.

I guess I am wondering if this car will be drivable once I get the motor running? it appears to be slammed down to the frame.


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