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New to the forum, looking for help regarding 03 s10 zr2 suspension

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Hi all, new to the forum here. I actually joined because this suspension has me totally lost. So I just bought an 03 s10 zr2 extended cab with 98k miles and I was thinking about redoing to whole front end suspension on it but I'm having trouble with what parts I should be ordering. The truck is for sure a zr2 (steel bumper, zr2 stamp wheel well, zr2 on the sticker in the glove box) the only thing I haven't checked is actually measuring the front end. But looking at parts online the zr2 lower control arms are different than what's on my truck. On my truck the stabilizer link mount is inline with the shock absorber as opposed to being forward of it. So my question is, did the front end suspension come that way stock and if so should I install matching parts to what's on there or order the zr2 parts and swap it all out. I have a hard time imagining a previous owner would swap it all for an LS front end suspension on it. As far as I've read online that would require them to swap LCAs, outer tie rods, cv joints and the sway bar to make it work with an LS front end.
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Post a pic of the truck and/or check the rpo codes.
Sorry it's dark out now where I'm at so I couldn't get a decent shot of the exterior for the life of me. I'll post better pictures in the morning before I leave for work. Here's what I was able to take right now.
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I'm kind of mechanically illiterate aside from what I learn online about trying to fix common wear items here and there. Is there something I should be looking for in those codes aside from the zr2?
Definitely a ZR2. A lot of the suspension parts are ZR2 specific and you should be given that as an option while shopping for parts. Most folks recommend Moog replacement parts. Everything looks really tidy on yours though. Any specific reasons that you're looking to overhaul the suspension?
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Looks like he already has Moog Problem Solver end links.
Both front wheels have some side to side play when off the ground (tie rods?). Almost all bushings are cracked up pretty good except the stabilizer link in the photo, the link on the other side is rubber and cracked. The cv joint in the photo doesn't show it in the image but there's grease flung out all around it. Also the upper/lower ball joints all are completely caked in grease so I would think they're ready to be serviced soon (correct me if I'm wrong, not too savy on knowing when maintenance is required. Just able to YouTube how to fix something when it's broke). It still rides really smooth on flat ground but those small dips/potholes jostle you around pretty good which I'm guessing is just the tie rods having some play to them. Unless it could be an idler arm or pitman arm. I had honestly never heard of either of them until yesterday when I was looking into suspension parts for the truck. I just figured at 98k miles it's probably due for new ball joints and such since they are factory ball joints still riveted on. I did the front suspension (except for idler and pitman arms...) on a 2000 s10 blazer I had about 4 years ago and those rivets made the job so much harder I told myself if I had to do it again I would just replace the whole control arms
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I was really just trying to get a jump on the front end maintenance before it becomes an issue like I let that blazer. Appreciate any advice or recommendations you all have. I'll have better pictures of it up tomorrow
On the ZR2 lower control arms the manufacturers and retailers created a real clusterflock a few years back by somehow mixing up the part numbers and pictures in their catalogs. And neither would admit there was a problem. Only thing you can do is order the ZR2 ones and if they send you ones with the sway bar link mount in the wrong place send them back and order the other ones regardless of what they say it fits. Both ACDelco and Moog had them backwards at one time and when they corrected the part numbers they didn't necessarily fix the pics. Since you know what the difference is, it might just take a bit longer, but places like Rockauto will pay return shipping if they sent the wrong parts.
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One word answers by a new guy usually leads to it turning into spam...convince us otherwise.
Sorry if this reply is too late! I've got a 96 ZR2, as far as I can tell the lower A's are factory, and my end links are just outside of the shock mounts, maybe 1" closer to the wheel.
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