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Bought this 98' regular cab blue zr2 with manual trans on monday. 125k miles. Pictures to follow.

Tune-up finished!
Changed the:
Engine oil and filter - Napa 5w30 and Napa gold filter
Front and rear Gear oil - Napa 80w-90
Transfer case oil- Napa Dexron III
NV3500 Transmission Oil- Amsoil MTF Syncromesh
Spark Plugs - NGK
Air Filter - Wix

Runs Great now.
Issues to resolve:

1. The little bolt/screw that keeps the filter access door closed on the front skid plate is missing. Where can I get one? or an alternative?

2. The remote filter lines are leaking a good amount of oil. Replace? Fix? What is the consensus on this common problem.

Thanks guys
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