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New NC License Renewal Process

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what's the deal with this shit now? go to get your license renewed, you pay $20 bucks, and you're given a temp printout, until your license is mailed to you, within the next 2 weeks? that's kinda lame.

my dad just went and renewed his yesterday, and brought home that shit...i guess it is to speed up the process of renewal, but hell, when you just live in a county of 36k people, i guess you don't really see it, since the DMV usually isn't overly crowded, last time i went and got my license replaced, i was in and out within 5 minutes, including the time to take a new pic, and wait for the card to print..just thought i'd post up and see who else has experienced this, if it's news to everybody, i'll probably snap a pic of the temp card and shit later today..just struck me as kinda lame.
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