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New Logo Ideas

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Hey what up i was bored tonight so i made up some logos for you guys to look at. These are just somethin i made to pass the time so please feel free to discuss them if you guys are interested in them. Later, Brad

This one can be like the start of a business card?
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thats straight and yeah i wish they didn't have to sit there lol but i guess i will be up april 12th just bring em wit u..... i already took that day off so i will be there bout 5.... peace
Yeah twiggs, those do look familiar!

wanna trade back?

:lol: j/k
What is our saying gonna be? Or does anybody have any ideas of what it should say. Since we are going to have more than just s-series i wasn't sure of what to put. Please post me up some suggestions. Later,Brad
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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