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hi my im chris and i very recently bought a 90 s10. its been around my city a few times and has some funky work done to it, maily wiring and body

1990 reguler cab short box
4 cylinder with 125k
5 speed
drop spindels
2 inch v6 springs for some reason
3 inch block and a few leafs gone
flat black/flip flop paint

cab corners
box sides, that were put on a rotton box so they dont line up
full exhaust

future plans:
new box
tail gate with flipped handle or whole skin
any other rims from whats on it now (painted stock)
paint, im thinking flat baby blue but that may change
c-notch or small bridge
small cowl hood
misc things to pass safety
figure out how to stuff two 12 in subs in a regular cab
drive the thing

i payed $800 e-tested. some people may think its junk but theres money spent in the right places for me

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welcome.. not bad
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