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New Jersey Area S10's Unite!!!

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Figured I'd make a thread for all NJ area people to unite and maybe do meets and stuff.

I have an 2nd gen s10 with an ls1 and t56. Wondering if there are any others in the area.

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Im driving my truck in the snow every day. I have not driven my VW since the beginning of December. I paid a lot of money over the summer to have the new engine installed and my 4x4 works so I plan on enjoying it.

Ill be out tomorrow night after this wicked storm lays some snow having my fun.
I remember when I used to see these trucks everywhere. I never had a nice one, now I do. I actually get excited when I see someone driving one thats not stock.

If I am still off weekends I could bring mine down for the swap meet. Last time I was at that swap meet I was 17, bought wheels for my first truck an 89 first gen rustbucket POS.
Humm this could be fun for the V8 S10. Too bad i need to have the exhaust fixed first, id be embarrassed to bring it down there the way it is right now.
Mine has been doing very well in the snow. the V8 seems to hold the front wheels down on the snow and ice a bit better than the V6 did. Monday we fixed my 4x4 vac cable since it was cracked so before that I drove it in snow without the 4 wheel and it did fairly well.
Whats your area? NJ is a big little state lol.
Getting rid of my v8 crewcab. Anybody in NJ want one, talk to me lol.
LOL i wonder....

I have mine for sale. Bought a diesel Canyon. No need for the V8 S10 anymore.
I just sold my volkswagen too.
1 - 8 of 100 Posts
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