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New Jersey Area S10's Unite!!!

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Figured I'd make a thread for all NJ area people to unite and maybe do meets and stuff.

I have an 2nd gen s10 with an ls1 and t56. Wondering if there are any others in the area.

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Northern tip of Burlington County here - just south of Trenton

Jersey smells like indians
Lenni Lenape in my neck of the woods. It's all about the smell of a well-tended wood fire and the smoke from the peacepipe :smoke:
Anyone else driving their s10's in the snow in nj?
Yes Indeed. Had the truck for a little over year now and she's seen every kinda weather the Garden State can throw your way, from single-digit temps and heavy snow and ice in the winter, to 100+ in the summer

No complaints. Everything that's been a problem so far has been relatively minor - more a matter of old age (20 years and 225k miles) and/or neglect by previous owners than the basic design itself

One thing I'm finding especially nice compared to my previous love (70's Corolla Liftbacks) is being able to find parts without a major hassle. Common stuff like brake parts etc are sitting on the shelf at a dozen local vendors, with even the most fiddly bits available from places like LMC
1 - 2 of 100 Posts
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