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im new to this mechanical stuff. just got a used '89 s-10 durango,
2.8L v6 - got a problem.... my idle is way too high.... thought it was a vaccuum leak, replaced hoses, didn't work, took half the throttle body apart and everything seemed fine. don't know what to do. help please. also, looking for a new manual transmission if any one knows of a good one at a good price.


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I would second the IAC valve. Also might look to see if the throttle plate is binding in the bore of the throttle body. I've seen the hole where the shaft goes through wear and allow the plates to shift and bind. This was on a 305, but yours might be doing the same thing.
If you can put your hand across the top of the throttle body, sealing it completely, and the engine keeps running, then there *is* a vacuum leak. Might even be around those shafts, although I doubt there would be enough air getting through there.


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