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New GM LS Fuel Injectors for 4.8L/ 5.3L/ 6.0L

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1999-07 New GM Fuel Injectors P/N 25317628 for 4.8L/ 5.3L/ 6.0L $35.00 shipped for all 8 in the USA.

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I'm interested in putting a new set in my LQ9 before starting it after blowing the previous engine because of leaking injectors. But have to do my due diligence.
Where did these come from? Any idea how old they are? Age might explain the part number?
I can only find that number listed as a GM number on Amaclone and fleabay. When I go to a GM dealer they give part number 17113698 @>$100 each and a search of a genuine GM site for 25317628 yields no response. They can't find it.
When I look up aftermarket injectors on Rockauto they list theirs as replacements for #17113553 or 17113698.
While aliexpress.com says the 2 numbers are the same part.
Makes me a bit uncomfortable since AliExpress is a Chinese platform that deals with online sales of products from Chinese companies and probably where Amozone and eekBay sellers are getting them from.
I purchased these from Amazon last year when I thought my motor was a LM7. These were sold by Amazon ship from Amazon I paid just over $150 for them it said new but honestly after inspecting each one they look like remanufactured Delphi injectors. I search for them by part number that I looked up but after realizing my motor is a L59 and not a LM7 it was too late to return them. The injectors I need are P/N-25326903 flex fuel which are a bigger injector. I just picked up another intake off of a 05 5.3 avalanche not flex fuel and it has the same injectors and part number as the ones I'm selling. See picture. So since I can't be 100% sure they're new that's why I'm letting them go for 35. I should have made sure which injector I needed before I just blindly ordered. I'm just going to take my original injectors for the flex fuel and have them re-manufactured injector plant I think charges like $20 per injector to renew clean and balance.

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