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new cat. converter for 2nd gen S10

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New..Off Walker 40596 pipe assy. I needed just the Y pipe assy for my 2000 LS V6 4.3 4WD, but no one sells just that and I was unable to remove my rusty torsion bar to gain access to install complete, so I cut it off this item.
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measurements- weld to 2 bolt flange face:6 1/2"...Overall length: 32 1/4"...Converter, weld to weld: 13 1/4". Pipe @ both ends are apprx 2 1/2" inside diameter, 2 5/8" outside diameter. May also fit prior/post years. asking $100, but will listen to offers. Shipping from NE PA.

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bumping-still avail.
how many miles are on your S10? after 100k they recommend replacing the cat. And here you have one ready to go. Seems a no brainer to me.
..as i originally stated, I couldnt afford to pay a shop all the labor involved in removing a rusted-in torsion bar AND Tranny crossframe JUST to make ROOM to remove/replace a COMPLETE exhaust assy, Y pipe to rear of Cat. converter-Chevy thought 1 piece exhaust was a better idea..... I wasnt throwing any codes to say the cat was bad and I live in a county where emissions testing isnt a law-all I had was a rusted out Y pipe next to the O2B2S1 area, hence why I went the route I did...sometimes an empty and un-fillable wallet trumps brains ;-)
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