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Needs help!!

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I am new the minneapolis area and i am currently having some serious car issues. The boss that is drilled and tapped for one of the starter bolts has cracked (see pic). The previous owner had it fixed with a stupid clamp. This only became an issue when I had to replace the starter.

I found a welding place in maple grove that is willing to attempt to fix it but isn't making any guarantees. Does anyone know of this happening before or know of someplace that would be able to fix it? I am realizing to fix it correctly that the engine is most likely going to have to get pulled.


The truck is a 2003 s10 ZQ8 4.3l.


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Best bet to get you by is drill all the way though and put a nut and washer on the top. Welding cast does not work well if not done properly. The other option is put a v8 in it, it's the Minnesotan thing to do.
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