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So, I threw the good old 187,000 mile original powertrain blazer up on the lift to inspect it for winter and there's what I think should be done:

1. Axl Boots--the left inner boot is torn, not good. The right inner/outer boots are cracking. I may as well replace them all, since 3 of 4 must be done.

2. Front brakes (pads/hardware)...calipers and rotors are near new.

3. Rear brake shoes and hardware...the cylinders are acceptable, but I am going to replace them before they are a problem (slightly hardened rubber). I am not sure if I want to cut my drums after so many miles or just replace them.

4. Transmission Service...it's that time again. Synthetics worth it at 187k mi.?

5. Rear End/Front Differential Service...thinking of running synthetics...good/bad?

6. Transfer case service...makes a humming noise, but works fine...I'm not ready to rebuild that *******.

7. I have new rear shocks to install (replaced the fronts about 15k miles ago and never got around to doing the rears (which still feel fine after 60k miles).

8. I am considering new leaf springs. They are not weak, but old and slightly rusty. Any ideas?

9. The ball joint bushings are cracking/showing wear. I would like to replace all the ball joints (even though they were done 60k miles ago) and bushings. Also, would like to replace upper/lower control arm bushings. Again, not in terrible condition, but showing wear. In fact, there is very little play in the wheel (to the right) and very little (almost non-existant) vibration over 75 MPH. Tires are properly balanced and rotated...steering wheel is solid.

10. Wire brush chasis and coat with rust inhibitor/undercoating. I spent last winter in the Albany area and it really took it's toll on the under carriage despite weekly washing/chasis cleaning. I hate salt.

11. Oh yeah, change thermostat and coolant...winterize.

Some of these things are imperative, other can be put off a bit. Any suggestions/comments/.02 cents on where to order parts, what brands are best, etc?

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synthetics all around!
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