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Hey guys

I have a 86 1st gen reg cab, and Im planning out the tires that I want to get for the spring/summer.

Currently my truck is not lowered, but I may lower it in the future.
(3/4 max drop, proablly just a 2/3)

I currently have the factory 14" stock rims on her.

After some thinking I've decided to stay away from 16X8" and go for a 15X7"

The tire size Im thinking about is a P225/60/15.
I talked to a friend who had a 88 s10 and he said he couldn't un P225 cause the rubbed? He wasn't lowered and Im not sure what aspect ratio the tires were.

I have no power steering (for the moment I hope to add it this summer) Would there be a significant increase in the difficulity to turn the wheel? compared to what It is now?

What do you guys think?
This is the exact tire Im thinking of.

Michelin Tires

Thanks for the help

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You should be fine with a 225 up front... I'm running 235's on a 17x8 with minimal rubbing and 4" of drop up front...and that's only at full lock going around a corner. As long as the backspacing is right, you should be fine. It will be a little tougher to steer, not too bad though, and only at a dead stop/slow roll...just build up those forearms:D


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