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hope this helps!

One question... Have you replaced the O.E. exhaust?
I've got the K&N intake and though i haven't tried the Volant, i'd recommend the K&N to anyone! I love it! It sounds great with my Gibson catback! I'm gonna skip on the pullies, and Jet chip/thermo(can't afford 92octane.) I'll most likely get the flex-a-lite fan when my warranty runs out. I may pick up the TB spacer too. Now that i've given my truck some go, i'd like to give it some more show. stay tuned... :D

as far as websites go...

www.truckperformance.com got my goodies from them, very pleased with the service i got.
www.godfathercustoms.com tons of good stuff...
www.sportruckspecialties.com they've got the special 2.2 section with everything!

I know truckperformance has anti-sway bars... but i believe [email protected] was having a sale on Hotchkiss parts.
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