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A little more info might help. What did it come out of, auto or manual...

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2006 Truck Vin T 5.3L 4WD 6KCD. That could include Silverado, Burb, Tahoe. Full size with a 5.3 and 4wd.
Any other year will interchange from 99-06 as long as it came behind a 5.3 and had 4wd. ie., 9KCD, 0KCD, 1KCD, The first digit is the year..
TC stall speed could vary depending on the weight of the truck, so be sure the tag on the original has the same code as what you're replacing it with. Or it will shift funny. That can be corrected in the tune with HPTuners or EFILive, but it's simpler to just use the correct one. Never reuse a TC if the trans was bad because it will hold many quarts of contaminated and abrasive fluid. Basically will toast a new trans. Also clean the cooler with a trans cooler flush kit.

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