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Ok everybody, I am going to put his order in for his box. I have a 94' s-10 regualr cab. I took the measurements from behind my seats and came up with a little design. The problem is that I don't design enough enclosures to be able to get the most effecient designs. My issue is that I am what you would call "plump" and I keep my seat back just about all the way. My subs are 12" Alpine Type E's and Alpine suggested a 0.8 ft.^3 box. My measurements are as follows:

From the floor to the seat - 11"
From 7" high to seat - 7"
From 16" high to seat - 1"

I need to be able to actually fit these 12's (magnet and all) and also have enough excursion room.

My dimensions were 10w X 15H X 20.5D = 0.88 ft.^3 - .08 ft.^3 sub displacement. This may fit the sub but I have no idea how to calculate where the 11.5" hole would be on the slope.

Can somebody please help me with this issue or maybe even take my measurements and design a more effecient enclosure? Thank you all so very much.
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