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Need a new steering wheel, what are my options, OEM and aftermarket?

My stock airbag wheel in my 96 dime is really worn out and i'd like to replace it. The el cheapo pleather that covers the rim is worn down to the foam and the wheel has always been too large and thin to feel good. I'd rather have a genuine leather wheel in a slightly smaller diameter with thumbrests like i have in my WRX. I figured an OEM replacement from ebay from something like an f-body or other platform that had a nice wheel stock would do the trick. One of the questions i have is if all GM product uses the same spline mounting method as these trucks? It seems that some folks here have used wheels from camaro's, etc successfully from various years so would assume that its generally true. Another more difficult question is if the airbags have any sort of standard between each of the wheels. I see airbag wheels (minus the bag) on ebay all day long and some are missing the front covers... it seems obvious that one would need an intact airbag with cover to put in that cavity, but are there any that are the same? Finding a wheel with the bag intact is a better option, but those are much more rare and also more expensive. Is the wiring the same between all the models? I want to avoid wheels with all the radio/hvac controls integrated as well for that reason.

I suppose aftermarket is an option, but a used OEM would probably be cheaper and just fine for my needs so i'd like to stay away from that. Plus, aftermarket wheels are usually so small, they can obscure the gauges somewhat.

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