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I've been trying to pull up a good solid picture of the wiring colors that go from my harness to the fuel pump. I'm just trying to double check that the colors go with the right colors. Grey on grey black on black ect ... Ect..
So far goole is failing me . Does anyone have a pdf download that I can use that has a simple basic wire colors to the other wires. I'm needing the actual picture of the colors . Not the colors written in words.

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There are changes from year to year. Is this a replacement pump with a new harness that has to be spliced into the factory harness at the pump? They usually come with a diagram that shows which wires go where...they don't always match. What year/engine do you have?

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We need specifics. Need year, engine, and the 8th digit of the vin because there are 4.3X, 4.3W, 4.3Z, 2.2vin4, 2.2vin5, etc.
On the other hand the power to the pump is almost always gray, grey, a shade of very light black whatever you want to call it. The gas gauge is almost always purple, lavender, lilac, mauve, periwinkle, plum, violet, or some such name. The GM wiring diagram calls it ppl.
The other 2 wires are grounds. Black is almost always ground on a GM vehicle. Even if it has a white stripe.
Attached are jpegs of original GM ppl and gry wires. These are new. Used wires could be dirty or faded. Your monitor may not be adjusted the same as mine.
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