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First off im a newbie here on the forum. Ive done lots of reading over the past few weeks about SASing my 1992 4x4 regular cab s10. Im getting parts together and i think I've got most everything I'll need.

List of things i have
  • drivers side drop lp d44
  • 14 bolt full floater rear end
  • all the steering linkage that came on the front axle
  • 52" eye to eye leaf springs that came on the front axle
  • both drive shafts from 79 ford where the axles came from
  • wheels and a set of old 33's that will work for now
  • plenty of steel to fab all mounts and different trans crossmember

List of things i need still
  • new leaf spring perches to weld to axles
  • brake lines
  • shocks
  • possibly astro van steering box

I've got many questions still and I'm trying to find them in the newbie SAS thread but thats a little difficult. I'm planning on starting the tear down in the next day or two. My reason for doing the swap is that a bearing in my factor diff went out and the bjs are junk so might as well swap in something worth a damn. There's going to be a lot of pictures in this thread as i love seeing picture in build threads.

First off I'd like some help identifying my front axle. The guy i got it from said that it came from a 1979 f350. But in looking on the SAS axle list on this forum the 79 f350 never came with a lp d44. Im not sure what to believe.
Also the axle measures 70 1/4" wms to wms and spring pads are 49 3/4" center to center. Any idea on what it came from?

Also the knuckles are flat top on both sides. Is the drivers side supposed to already be drilled for a high steer kit?

Pictures of rear axle why not. Rear also measures 70 1/4" wms to wms.

If there's anything that anyone can see I'm doing wrong just tell me! Most of you guys on here have way more knowledge about this stuff than i do so don't hold back.

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21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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