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My plans for my drift truck

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As requested in my previous thread, here's a more comprehensive list of what I want to do to my truck as I mod it out for drifting.

Starting out, it's a 2000 rwd s10 with the 4.3l Vortec and an automatic transmission.

My plans for it are to start out with my suspension, cutting the front coils and undoing the brackets on the leaf springs to lower it a bit, plus adding sway bars. Eventually I'm going to switch to a four point suspension with coilovers all around.

For drivetrain I'm going to be welding the diff and swapping in a mw2 5 speed.

For the motor, I'm either going to keep the vortec or LS swap it. I'll be putting headers and a dual exhaust in, as well as upgrading the intake eventually. I'll add a turbo somewhere down the line, but that's about as much as I want to do with the motor.

Beyond that, I don't have much performance wise. Eventually I'm going to be adding a rollcage, 5 point, racing seats, removable steering wheel, etc.

Any advice for what I could do differently/advice on how I could do everything, since this is the first vehicle I'm doing more than maintenance on, would be very much appreciated.

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You better get a couple more jobs…
Oh its gonna be a while before I get this all done. It takes time.
drift require RPM and HP. 2 things you arent getting from your 4.3.
id save money, and do a v8 swap, and a stronger rear axle swap.

But, for what it is worth, buy someones V8 swapped s10 and leave yours stock for a daily driver, and have your drift truck as a project you can tinker with.
There's all kinds of things to consider, with time and money I have, and whatever else. Also, this truck i don't think I want to keep as my daily, it's pretty beat up. I've already started setting aside money for another daily, all of my plans are supposed to happen after that is purchased

Yoiu'll have to go after it like eating an elephant...one bite at a time. I know nothing about drift truck...but others may offer suggestions on the priorities of the build.
That's exactly it, I'll upgrade it one bit at a time. It'll take a while but I can still use it between upgrades.
It's the auto trans that's your biggest handicap - I wouldn't do anything to the truck until it's a manual, it'll all be wasted money. I'd also suggest running in some events with the truck as-is and work on modifications as you go.
Oh that's the plan. I'm going to put an mw2 in, and then weld the diff, and that's where I'll start going to track days. Everything else is going to come as time passes
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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