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here is my winterbeater build that i have been documenting on a local offroad fourm i am a part of. enjoy

so some of you know my current winterbeater that has been very good and faithful to me for the past 10 years.. my 86' s10 blazer with a modified 2.8 auto 4x4. we had to rebuild/replace the motor when i got it so we took fwd 3.1 crank and internals bored the block .30 and made a 3.2 ish out of it..

well the poor little beast is starting to finally get kinda rusty so i started to gather parts to rebuild it. (like the body/tub i had for sale here..) when i called to see if a freind had some parts and was offered a 95 s10 blazer 4x4 4dr with a rod knock. so i thought it over and jumped at the deal. here are some before pics and a few thoughts and parts i have gotten for it allready.. there are several things needing attention.. the biggest is the motor with a rod knock. then the pass. window (gotta keep the weather out) then some crap to fix for the front axel acctuator, and the t-case linkage needs to be un fukked.. then just some basic cleaning and some touch up on some light surface rust..

i will start the thread now, and it will progress very quickly in about the next 2 weeks as i will have some time off and will be doing a fair amount to it.. (i hope to be driving it at the end of the 2 weeks..)

any who on with pics...

got it home and started checking it over..

the inside

while i had it sitting there. i test fitted a wheel that we have sitting around that will fit. but i am not sure how i like it yet. as the white wall is throwing off the look a bit.. i have mounted another tire on one of the other wheels and will be trying that on it soon.

and while at the yard the other day we found some goodies for the blazer..

i will post pics of those later.

ok so here are some goodies that i got yesterday..
not pictured is the motor that it looks like i will get for it from the yard as well

yep, it's getting some rear disks.. this little turd is gonna stop..

got the axel complete, even with 2 more wheels like are on the truck.. now i have 2 that are good 2 that are so so and 2 good ones.. i will take the worst 4 and paint them.. (these 2 and the crappy ones on the pass side of the truck)

got a crap tire put on one of the other american racing wheels so i can see what they look like with no white wall.. if they look decent i may polish them up and put them on later.

and as soon as we pulled into the yard i saw this.. and liked it.. mine will look like this minus the lift.. and plow as i will be sanding the little bit of rust there is and painting the whole bottom of the truck black like that..

this is the parts truck, nothin like having color matched spare body parts

well got the parts truck in the barn the other day and started getting parts offf it.. (window, door panels and such) will start doing the major work today or tomarrow.. the replacement motor should be out today, and i have the interior stuff off and ready to swap.. and the posi unit should be here today so we can get the rear together with a little extra traction and get the disk brake rear under the truck.. and work on getting the bad motor out..

as for todays progress we got the posi in and set up and the rear is ready to go under the truck, the window is in and got the rest of the tires off truck so the good ones could get mounted up..(so dont mind the white wheel in the back that is off race car and just ot roll it on for a day or two..)
there where aftermarted speakers in the front doors of the parts truck and there are aftermarket in the front doors of my truck too.. so when i get the rear door panel off my truck i will see what speakers are back there, and if stock it will get a pair back there too, so it will have all aftermarkets in it. (nothing real great but far better than stock) and i measured and there will be enough room for whichever box (2 12's with either) so i should be sounding good said and done..

would be more but i have been tinkering with getting the 97 gp back up and going too.

looks much better with a window in it.. (all though that tape is gonna be a pain to get off..

new carrier it is a torsin / gear style posi, which does not require additives and should almost never wear our (in this application)

stock and posi

ready to go in..


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there is alot that is better about the parts truck really, the biggest things are it has been on it's side and there is a bunch of little flaws (dents and scratches, busted windows and i dont thing the body is perfectly straight anymore either) it has less rust, better intereior in most places, and the newer drivetrain.. but the other number one reason to not drive it, is it has scrap vehicle paperwork, and i am not gonna try to get around it.. so i have good parts!

i just plan to make a nice little driver out of it, that will go (posi) and stop good (rear disk) other than that it will have good tunes and drive decent.. and hopfully last a while

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well i have made much progress and had some other things happen sense the last post so here is a big update..

well considering that they were to busy at the crushing to pull my motor till the last day of my vacation i didnt have a chance... but i have it now.. and here are the other latest..
well being i have the motor i need to get moving on this thing.. had a mishap yesterday morning on the way to work with the 86..

how it looked before work..

how it looks now (by the time i got to work, but i took these after i got it home)

and a guy i work with went out to find what it was (how big) that did it and this little 100 lbs button buck is all it was..

radiator is done as well as all the parts that are missing. if i can fix it for about 30 bucks i will if not i may just scrap it and put the money in to the replacement truck... (which i will be working on very much soon)
the green grand prix should be on the road monday (after a leaky intake change) and pull the motor mostly out tuesday, and set it back in and get it running over the 3 day fri-sun weekend..

well the 95 is doing well need to look into changing the wiper motor, check on the rear brakes they are hanging just a little. get a stereo put in and it will be good to go till spring.. i will do the little stuff like change the bumper and bottom paint ect.

a couple shots of the better interior..
much better drivers panel (switched them all)

much much better behind/under the rear seats

and have the other cover panel to make the floor flat too

i think the galre from the flash shows more than what is there, not perfect but it is much much better than what it was.

much better tires now

still gotta swap the tailgate off the parts truck, but it still looks a ton better with the pass window in too.

will see what the carpet tuns out like when i get a change to clean it good

well after getting the grand prix in and out we ran it in monday evening. and started tearing it apart tuesday.. got some gaskets and a fuel line repair kit (the way the fuel lines go inside the intake on these leak(just this 93-95 style 4.3 with the "tune port" looking intake), so we are doing preventitive things also so i dont have to fix it again in a year or so. as i plan on driving it much longer than that) some valve cover gaskets and a couple of sensors. but it is ready to be put back together.. will be starting in on it again friday morning and gettin it back together,
hoping to get it running and get the brake lines fixed and possibly the t-case cable and front acctuator done and be driving this thing before the end of the weekend (hoping for late saturday.)
and looks like i may have found the parts to fix the 86' with for cheap from a buddy at work too. so i may get them both back on the road soon. and with the heater control issue in the car i may need them both for now.

getting the old out..

old out

replacement ready to go back in..

going back over to put the brake lines on the rear and hopfully bring it back home and drive it..
which could be really good being the car may or may not be getting torn back apart.. and the 86 shouldnt take much more than a radiator and a headlight to be driveable, ugly but driveable..
well got the brake lines put on and it stops good.. the rear disk i will be thankfull for later.. the motor seems to be good so far also.. will start driving it to work tomarrow, should have today as by driving the car i now know i need to change the motor in it again. i will get it a bath and get some better pics later.. i will also be swapping in stereo and subs later too.. ( for now not walking is good i will take the time to do the other stuff when i get the rest of the vehicles in a reliable manner..)

well here are the latest updates.
the 95 is doing good, rear brakes are hanging just a little. and aside from the 4x4 stuff is good to go, i will take care of the cosmetic stuff in the spring (bumpers ect. ) but it is working good..
the grand prix will be down for now as the motor has to be swapped again i have a stock supercharged motor to put in it. so will be driving the 86 till that gets done..
the 86 is back up and running the bumper is a little off but it is drivable and is working as normal.
damaged radiator

getting the parts truck stripped down and pulling the drive train out
the whole front is loose just leaving it on for a couple days till we get the drivetrain out.


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not too much to add other than the truck is doing good. and i liked the look of the camaro wheels enough that when a co-worker of mine had 3 16'' tires for sale i bought them and got one new one to finish the set and put them on the other day.. the funny part is that both the 15 and 16's where the same "size" tires other than wheel size , but the 16's are bigger.. but here are the pics. i really like the new look. they sit out but dont really stick out like the 86 did with camaro wheels on it.
and changed the speedos from the parts truck to this one which now gives me a tach as well as a speedo.. and put the factory stereo from the other truck too (as someone had cut the plug in my truck so i spliced in the plug from the other one and used the factory stereo till i get one i want.)

new tires used on the left (about 70%) and new on the right.

16's and 15's together..

and on the truck (missing center caps, i forgot them at my house)

and the overall look and stance.

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