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Well i just picked it back up from the dealer with a new fuel sending unit...

But they performed a pressure test on the coolant system and it wouldnt leak, i even squeezed the hose right after it warmed up and it wasnt leaking from that spot anymore (where the heater core metal hose meets the thermostat housing...

Anyway, soon down the road i noticed a belt slipping sound, only under acceleration and as soon as i push in the clutch it goes away at idle, or as the revs slow, but if i rev it a lil it comes back...

So i popped the hood, and that damn spot is leaking coolant again!!! I think the coolant is leaking onto the cerpentine belt just before the water pump pulley, and since the water pump turns the fan im guessing the increased drag that the fan creates is causing the belt to slip under acceleration.

So then i looked at the overflow bottle and it is a good bit over the hot line, then when i squeezed the upper hose again i could hear air trapped inside...

So im thinking that they didnt do a very good job of bleeding the cooling system, and now air is beginning to make its way out of the journals and now its trapped in that hose, my thought is that when air hits that joint where the heater core meets the thermostat housing it is allowing it to leak.

Im going to go out and bleed the air from the system once its cooled off, hopefull that will fix everything.
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