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Hey guys. i just got my first 10. its an 87 reg cab. ita already scheduled to be body dropped but they told me i needed to bag it first. so my question is whats it take to lay frame.im used to mazdas and nissans this is my first domestic truck. im thinkin 2" spindles and bags up front and mono leaf 4" blocks and monster notch out back??? please help


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What else....

Let's see....here is a short list of things that I could think of

Raise anything that is lower than your frame..Tranny support comes to mind.
4-link the rear
remove inner fender up front
cut out the bed between the inner fenders in back
Get rid of the AC if ya have it
relocate all the stuff that formerly resided on the inner fenders

WOW..is sounds like your work is cut out for you! Send us pics of all the before and after stuff and all the stuff in between!

Good luck, take your time, be patient and get use to being poor!

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