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Hello friends...

Im Amir and Im from iran. and this is my 1992 s10 that i love it...... we (iranian people) love American cars and unfortunaly after islamic revolution we lost connect with american car makers such as GMC and Chevrolet and Ford....

But we continue import american cars until 1992 by neighborhood countries....

My Chevy S10 that i love it, is the last connection with USA brands and after that we disconnect completly...

We have very troubles and problems with parts and finding parts. in market we have only import parts such as motor or gearbox parts and we have nothing els. we make or replace the parts with same cars such as Mazda pickups or Iran made pickups and many things.....or we make the parts such as waterpomp.

today (2013) Iranian government allow to import amercian cars.... but that need very more time to get place in iranian market same before...

but we still pay for it becuese we love our american cars... i proud my chevy s10 pickup track.... and me and you friends... have a same experience and same memoris with this loyal car.... :)
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