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well, heres the short story. had a 96 4banger, 3/4, 17's, blazer front end. Got rearended, repaired it (and threw in some mods), shaved antenna, welded rollpan, goodmark hood and was gettin it ready for a custom orange pearl paintjob.....

meanwhile, I came upon a 94 SS, light rear hit, for the right price... so now, I'm stripping the 4banger to sell it and putting all the parts on the SS....

anyway, here they are!

The accident.

Gettin ready for paint, thats the new color on the cab

This is how it looked right before I shaved the antenna and welded the rollpan..... then it was ready for paint.

Then I bought this!!!!! 94 SS, 46k, bone stock, I'm the 2nd owner... really nice truck.

Here it is 4hrs later, after I swiped all the parts from the 4banger, Including the bed w/ the welded in rollpan.

I'm going to try to get this one painted this week and dropped next week. I'm stealin the 17's off the 4banger till I can afford some new wheels.
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