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My 1999 4.3 Blazer, owned since 16 years, running in Europe

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Plain stock vehicle except 16" rims with 255/65/16 Tires, Rancho Shocks. Tire sizes had been mounted previously: 275/50/16, 245/70/16
Now 215000 km around 134000 miles.
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what is the extra switches under what should be the headlight and dimmer switches left side dash? and on the top of the front bumper? the American version did not get those.
Switches are probably for the aux lighting and rear fogs, and the front bumper has headlamp sprayers on it, pretty common in Europe. I kind of miss those little wiper blades some cars used to have for the headlamps.
Thanks I forgot about the red fog lights ,too bad my south American taillights dont have them which are still boxed up till i finish the truck paint ,that didnt go as planed
, still don't get the need of headlight wipers or washers but maybe that's from me living in the south in America .The roads are getting very bad but not nasty yet, bad enough to replace u bolts and a fairly new tire, it had separated down to the belt threads from pot hole to pot hole half patches for miles that are crumbling at best
Its still a crazy $$$ amount though! I hope Europe didn't do a crazy bulb like the envoy too
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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