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Alright... the truck was dogging and I haven't put anything performance wise into it recently, so I got the MSD Digital 6 Plus ignition... Got it completely installed last night, now I just need someone to tell me about all these settings it has... :

First of, Rev limiter, I figured that out, set it at 2000 to test, works fine, where should I keep it though for these older trucks?? I have it at 5000 now but I don't know how often I'll be revving that high..

Secondly;; Timing... I have full control of timing, should i advance or retard, and also, what does either of those do when you change them..? How many degrees...??

Last.... Two step and engine retard, can I just wire those to switches in my dash.....?

... Thanks for any help in advance.....!

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