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moveing to mooresville

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yep me and some others got a house and are moving from this hell hole known as Michigan. i was making good money then the hole car world went upside down. i am a heavy diesel tech with all certs and was shop foremen. then everything just died off. i was the only one in the shop that did not have kids and a house i think thats why i got layed off. i was told they want me back and this was going to be temporary but they just layed off more people so i am gone. all other jobs here are gone around the flint area. any way we are moveing to mooresville. i know some people around there and know a mini trucker that go's to the school in town. we love it there, my grandam and grandpa lived in morganton so i was around there alot for the summers. so i cant wait this friday we are moveing a ton of stuff down. i am comeing back because me and a buddy are building airlift displays for sema and i am hulling them out there and setting up. so when i get back from sema i will be moveing down.

when i get there it would be bad ass to meet up with some people and hang out. the only qustion i have is on my blazer. is there anything i need to worry about to get it inspected? i do not have airbags or abs and i am on air. i am going to run the exhaust out the rear before i head down. any info would help


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like jason said, lilbluetruck98 (zack) is an inspector, when I had my dime, i took it to him for inspection, I never had any codes though. I dont' think an ABS fault would matter, but i could be wrong.

Who do you know that's going to school up there? I know of a guy, he's in a local club here Pebble Pushers that just put on Scr8pefest here last week actually, that attends there. Name's Ray but I can't think of his screen name on here.

Be sure to visit and get to know everyone @ www.carolinatruckscene.com too.

FYI, blazer is sick

dammit what a small world. I used to work @ Volvo & GMC Truck Center right down the street. And when I worked at Carolina Auto & Truck I went to International (Rush) about everyday.

But yeah I'm @ Young Ford now, just 3 minutes away. You wanna grab some lunch or something one day?
ah shit, my bad :haha:

maybe I should have PM'd u lulz
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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