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moveing to mooresville

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yep me and some others got a house and are moving from this hell hole known as Michigan. i was making good money then the hole car world went upside down. i am a heavy diesel tech with all certs and was shop foremen. then everything just died off. i was the only one in the shop that did not have kids and a house i think thats why i got layed off. i was told they want me back and this was going to be temporary but they just layed off more people so i am gone. all other jobs here are gone around the flint area. any way we are moveing to mooresville. i know some people around there and know a mini trucker that go's to the school in town. we love it there, my grandam and grandpa lived in morganton so i was around there alot for the summers. so i cant wait this friday we are moveing a ton of stuff down. i am comeing back because me and a buddy are building airlift displays for sema and i am hulling them out there and setting up. so when i get back from sema i will be moveing down.

when i get there it would be bad ass to meet up with some people and hang out. the only qustion i have is on my blazer. is there anything i need to worry about to get it inspected? i do not have airbags or abs and i am on air. i am going to run the exhaust out the rear before i head down. any info would help


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if you wouldn't mind making a trip up toward the high point greensboro area, probably a little over an hour or so, from the mooresville area, lilbluetruck98 (i think i spelled it out right..) he used to be a certified inspector, and i know he allowed passed inspection from a few people on here, who probably wouldn't have passed a standard inspection otherwise, granted, this was a few years ago. but he still may be able to do so..but that sounds great, we have a carolina's meet every march, the next one will be the 5th annual, trying to make it the biggest one yet, we've had upwards of 30 dimes in past years...i'd definately love to see the blazer there, i've always been a fan of it.
oh, and check out carolinatruckscene.com smaller forum, but more localized..a little easier way to get to know more of the locals on here. as alot of us double up as regulars on there, from here.
exit 40? i think thats down closeby where scrubz used to work, although he's not too far up the road from there now, although he's closer to the speedway..
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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