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Motor mount question

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So, long story short, I bought a 88 S10 Blazer back in 2007. I had a 305 in it and I just drove it around as a daily driver till last year when it died. I am upgrading the motor to a 355 with Comp Roller and Jegs Bandit Injection. when I took the old block clamshell mounts off the old motor I realized two things. One, the drivers side bonding had released so I need a new motor mount, which is ok because they are old and tired (drivers more so than the passenger) so I need to buy 2.
Now for the problem, I have had other cars in the past and they had the standard spacing on the clamshell tabs but the tabs on my block mount clamshell are wider i mesure 3.25inches between the bolt tabs (interior dimension). I am hoping someone out there might know what Chevrolet SBC came with this clamshell dimension a simple picture is attached as illustration of the dimension area. Please someone, save my ass. if this doesn't work I have to refabricate and I am retired and on a fixed income. I spent my extra money on a bottle of Jack Daniels to celebrate (just kidding) the day I fire this bad boy back up, Anyone know of a Chevrolet small block motor mount that had that spacing on the motor motor mount to frame tabs?
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Transdapt mounts work best for me.
A number of different shells were discussed at V8S10.org. Depending on your needs, the motor can be raised or lowered.
This Moroso chart has dimensions, OEM part number, and applications for each.
I would not recommend using their solid mounts, tho.

Amazing the things you can find with Google.
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My thanks guys, I am going to replace the existing frame mounted portion and utilize a mount set from Jeg's I appreciate your response to this question, GM is pretty straight forward, we have the mounts in hand and are moving forward withe the new mounts. Gotta get this rig runnin.
I did it slightly different I used 2.8 mounts with poly inserts on the frame and then the v8 swap metal brackets on engine
what upper arms do you have?
Looks like el cheapo speedway arms.
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I did it slightly different I used 2.8 mounts with poly inserts on the frame and then the v8 swap metal brackets on engine.
I always heard 2.8 mounts were same as sbc, so unless your raising or lowering should work perfectly, I'm on fence about pulling my 2.5 and slapping a 350 in but I have a back up motor and transmission and nice to have a 4 cylinder these days, I about done a 283 on my last one and life happened, I'm 15 yrs older now so maybe in near future we will see, I just wished you could turbo the 2.5
The Motor Mounts you use for a CSBlock depend on the engine it originally had in it. They sell them that way.
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