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Alrighty folks! We just keep em coming here at Mach Performance!

For those of you who would love to start working on internals, but have been troubled about clearances, we have solved your problems!

We now offer valve cover spacers (patent pending) for the Vortec 4.3L engine. This will allow those interested in 1.6 rockers to have plenty of room so that you will not run into clearance problems with the valve covers.

Also, we will be offering cast polishable valve covers.

AND......(the list just keeps getting longer!)
We will be offering a valvetrain package, which will include your choice of Comp Magnum 1.52 or 1.6 roller rockers, conversion studs, pushrods, etc....(You know...the works!)

Sorry I dont have the list in front of me, just want to get the word out so you guys know to save your Xmas money!

Please everyone, bear with us, we have been VERY busy developing and doing TONS of research to bring you guys more performance products and kits. We will be posting more info and hopefully more exciting product news as soon as its available!

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