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RockAuto is excited to announce the addition of US Motor Works (USMW) - Professional Series parts to our catalog! USMW has over 50 years of manufacturing experience and specializes in Fuel Delivery and Cooling products.

USMW Professional Series Max Cooling Kits (found in the RockAuto catalog under "Water Pump & Fan Clutch Assembly" in the "Cooling System" category) are unique, combining two parts into one part number – the water pump and fan clutch – to optimize repair success and efficiency. USMW Max Cooling Kits restore the cooling system to maximum efficiency in one step.

USMW Professional Series Fuel Pumps and Fuel Pump & Housing Assemblies are designed and tested to meet or exceed OE specifications and use upgraded materials to ensure performance and longevity. USMW fuel pumps are available for a huge number of vehicles, everything from a '77 Porsche 911 to a '17 Ram 3500.

Find US Motor Works products for your specific vehicle in the "Cooling System" and "Fuel & Air" categories of the RockAuto catalog, all at reliably low prices!

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Just went ahead and ordered the US Motor Works USEP3563M fuel pump for my S10, it supposedly has an OEM style pump instead of the cheap turbine pumps so I will see how this holds up and update as time goes on, I hope to get at least 3 years out of it.

I do suggest you update the listing for the US Motor Works for these trucks, it can be confusing finding out which one is Standard/Extended Cab and which one is Crew Cab, please change that to be more specific.

Update #1 6/7/2021: Fuel pump installed, works perfectly and fired right up nice and quiet. Will update in a few months with how it is going.
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