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So im not picking up what everyone is talking about. Im new to lifts. I have a 98 base model 2.2l. What springs should I get for it to lift the front about 2.5 inches? Will adding lift spindles add to the hieght?

Just Not Right
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havoc 315:

You are in the moog spring rate topic.

None of the moog springs are "lift springs".

Some can be used as a lift spring though.

The part numbers 5662 and 5664 are the ones that will fit an s-10 (v-8 Camaro spring).

They lift the front in the 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch range, work, fit and perform well.

You are very limited with the stock a-arm on an s-10.

The most you can expect to reasonably spring lift stock a-arms is 2 inches.

You can squeeze more out of stock arms but it is not recommended, especially if offroaded.

Ok now to answer your questions.
1) Springs- aftermarket. CST, AIM, Fabtech to name a few. Will need at a minimum upper a-arms plus welding and cutting on the upper arm mount.

2) Spindles- Yes lift spindles do exactly that.....Lift. I would start here instead of with springs.

Start you a build/question thread instead of replying here in the sticky.
Everyone will jump in and help you out.
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