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MNST Valenitnes Day Special

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So, since we we all "forgot" about our meet today, and Ive already seen most of you fucks last weekend and 2 weekends in a row its just too much. I propose a valentines day blow out.....Any questions, comments or concerns?
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I say this is an awesome idea.
Ok, lets get a list of who is attending. 2/20/2010 3:00 pm

1. Old man
2. Dusty
I'm still thinking about it. Some things might prevent me from doing this.
Like what? Italy? Cause i'd blow all these fuckers off for that to!
Lol, I'm starting to think Dustin puts extra effort into his posts to allow them to be manipulated so easily.

But no, Italy will [hopefully] be after Feb. I've got some other stuff that may interfere with Valentines day though.
My boy is getting laid!

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True, it is after Valentines Day. Plus I wouldn't have anything better to do on Valentines day anyways.... *sigh*
BWW? Possible the **** Rapids location?

Or is that joke old by now? lol.
As old as your attempts to be funny!

OH SNAP!!! :rotf:
weak, I remember Chris saying he can't make it due to some fishing deal. Is anyone but me and the old man plan on doing this? lol
This meet is gonna be as lonely as my love life!

We still doing this? Or should we do the St. patty's Day special? :beer:
Well? Canceled due to everyone out of town? or what?
Pretty much... fucking lame. Bad weekend I guess...
eh... love sucks anyway. New thread posted for next month
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