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MNST: St. Patty's Day special!

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Ok, since the Valentines one was a bust due to bad planning since everyone was gone. To hell with that shit and lets do up St. Patrick's day. Seems better for use anyway since we're all are raging alcoholics! :beer:

Now, We can do this either the 13th or 20th of March. It falls either before or after St. Patty's Day. So why the hell not. Pick which one to do it as so we can stop being such a lame ass club. Especally since we got that taco rider that seems interested. :p Plus its my birthday month and theirs nothing I want more then green beer in order to put up with you jerkasses :finger:


<--- Cory :rotf::rotf::rotf:
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Yes! Then we all can drown our sorrows after having to look at it! :blaugh:
**** you Dylan :finger:

Like you'd show up anyway :haha:
:( no
Sum bitch, well I just remembered I have something going on the 13th. So 20th work you guys?
Yeah, Chris has an issue with me :haha:
You guys can all meet on the 27th, I won' be there. Thats my birthday lolololol
1 - 8 of 20 Posts
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